Can Ukrainian Travel To Usa Now?

Many ukrainians make plans to travel to usa for holidays. According to the data of the research conducted by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine in 2017, almost 2.5 million people visited ukraine annually. What’s more, 80% of them prefer to visit usa for holiday. Many of them prefer to go to beach, because it … Read more

Can Philippines Travel To Usa?

The Philippines, a beautiful country and the second largest archipelago in the world. It lies on the western edge of Southeast Asia, bordered by the South China Sea, the Philippine Sea, and the Gulf of Manila. The archipelago consists of 7,500 islands, of which only a handful are inhabited. The capital and largest city is … Read more

Can Irish Citizens Travel To Usa?

Irish citizens can travel to the US. There is a new and simplified visa regime for travel to the United States. This applies to all Irish citizens and their dependents, regardless of their visit being for business, pleasure or education. Most Irish citizens will only require a visa waiver. This visa waiver is valid for … Read more

Can I Travel To The Usa From The Uk?

The United States is a land of innovation and opportunity. The location of the state of Colorado offers world-class skiing and winter sports, historic monuments and incredible views. Colorado is a tourist destination where visitors can enjoy beauty, outdoor activities, fine arts, and more. When traveling to the United States, there are a few things … Read more