Can I Travel To Aruba From Usa?

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Where is Aruba?

Aruba is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, about seven hundred miles west of Puerto Rico. In 1954, Dutch settlers started cultivating the island for sugar cane and subsequently turned it into the world’s first mass tourism destination. The Dutch control of the island was later transferred to the US, and the island joined the country in 1986. Though Aruba is often referred to as a “princess island”, it’s not a monarchy. It’s an autonomous country, which means that it’s governed by laws and local laws rather than by a central government. The island’s capital city is Oranjestad. The country has a population of just over seventy-thousand people.

Can I Travel to Aruba from the United States?

There are no direct flights to Aruba from the United States. However, you can travel to Aruba by flying to the neighboring country of Curacao. You can also travel to Aruba by driving to Curacao and taking a ferry from there to Aruba.

What To Pack For A Trip To Aruba

Before you leave for Aruba, you’ll need to decide what to bring with you. Here are some suggestions to help you get started. A list of what to pack for different kinds of trips can be found at

Things You Need To Know About Aruba

Aruba is a lovely island located in the Lesser Antilles. It is made up of a number of small islands and is home to Aruban citizens, as well as many tourists. It is located just south of Colombia, Central America, and Venezuela. Aruba is part of the Netherlands Antilles, a Dutch colony that has been an independent state since 1954. Aruba is divided into 3 districts: North, Central and South. The North is the main city and has Aruba’s only airport. You can fly to the island from anywhere in the world. It is an ideal island to visit, with beautiful beaches, a history that dates back hundreds of years, and a friendly atmosphere. Aruba has beautiful beaches, lively nightlife and a very pleasant vibe.

How To Get To Aruba

Aruba is a common tourist destination in the Caribbean. You can travel to Aruba from the United States by air or by car. Flights from the US leave from many major cities such as New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and many others. Airline companies typically have nonstop flights between cities in the US and Aruba. Flights from Aruba to the US can also be found. If you are travelling to Aruba, you may need a passport. You can get a passport from your local embassy or consulate, or you can download a passport application from the embassy’s website. You may also need a visa from the US consulate in Aruba. You can get this visa at a US consulate located in Aruba, or at any American embassy.

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